Who can help Climate Change?

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Climate change is not limited for scientists and researchers alone to study. This is something even the common man needs to be aware of and contribute in the best way so he can save himself and the Earth at large. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about climate change. This includes some facts and prevention techniques.

What is Climate Change?

The Earth’s climate has changed throughout the history. Due to the natural gases, the carbon dioxide, and other gases in the atmosphere, it has been grimmer.  These gases have been present in the atmosphere to keep this planet warm for the existence of human life. Since the last few decades and mostly due to the industrial revolution and extra use of the chilling appliances, the presence of these gases in the atmosphere has added up steadily raising the greenhouse effect.

As a result, the world’s average temperature has increased by around 0.6 degrees Celsius (33.08 degrees Fahrenheit) over the last century. The change in the climate patterns has already made an impact on the planet which is not something to ignore. Melting of polar ice caps, change in rainfall patterns, increase in the number of tropical cyclones, these are a few of the effects of climate change.

The theory of global warming means a rise in temperature by 1.4 to 6 degrees Celsius (34.52 F to 42.8 F). Scientists note this rise in temperature due to the increase in the use of automobiles and other carbon-emitting appliances.

Emissions contribute to climate change.



Facts about Climate Change

Some of the facts are:

  1. The temperature has increased by 0.6 to 1 degree Celsius all over till the 20th century.
  2. The United States of America supply 22% of the World’s total carbon emissions.
  3. Deforestation and change in the use of land are contributing to more carbon released into the environment.
  4. There are more natural disasters. Some are nature’s own tools to balance the temperature.
  5. The warmest years so far have been from 2005 to 2010.
  6. Around 600,000 people die each year due to change in climate. 95% of these deaths take place in smaller countries. 

The use of automobiles and heating and cooling appliances supplies a lot of the change in climate. All these release harmful gases that are collecting over the surface of the earth and causing temperature changes. Another reason is the ozone depletion. Not only is it playing its part in climate change but also causing skin and eye problems.

If the climate change continues to grow, there are chances that only one season will remain on the earth and that is the summer.  We can help make a change by caring about the earth and what we leave on it.  To see more articles and tips concerning weather go to www.weatheregg.com 

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