Adults have tried all sorts of stories to help explain away the fear children have during storms. There has been a success in teaching children about how weather works. If they understand it, it should help alleviate some fear. So why not teach all ages about weather science?

Weather Science Teaches

  • Observations – As children play they notice the smallest things. Observation is a natural part of their life.
  • Measurements – Measuring is very exciting because it is a physical activity that they can actively participate.
  • Cause and Effect – Cause and Effect help answer the why things happen. Children are born little scientists. From the first peek-a-boo to dropping a toy to see who picks it up.
  • Graphs – Graphs are a fun way to see what has happened over time. Children love patterns, and they recognize things that maybe adults wouldn’t.
  • Recognizing – Recognizing goes along with knowing what types of clouds or what types of storms.

  • Climate – Climate is something that gives knowledge of what to expect each day. It also helps them to know what parts they can help in to improve our climate. Children are great at being inventive and in the past have come up with great ideas.

Is it only for one age?

Weather is something we experience every day of our lives. Children are very good at wondering why things happen the way they do. Why not teach all ages? In a world with a lot of screens, teaching children to look outside keeps them observant of the world around them.

Keeping their interest

There are fantastic ideas in the tech generation now. There is everything from board games, online games, fun magazines, and actual weather stations that you can put outside your school. Being creative with keeping the interest of children, is an excellent quality of teachers.

Years ago, there used to be a pen pal program. Weather science can help bring children together from all over the world. This global connection can help children see what weather is like outside of their area and will bring resolutions to support climate change.

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