There are a number of people who like to observe the weather channel so as to understand what weather to expect throughout the week.  You may be part of the dilemma, which I like to refer to as the “Weather Junkie.”

Who are these people?

Immediately upon awakening they look to their weather app and determine the weather for the day as well as the upcoming days or weekend.  Some of their time planning is based on the prediction of the weather.

How accurate is weather prediction?

It is possible to find strategies for forecasting the weather and learning to study weather maps. You may get your regional forecast every 8 minutes, to make sure easy planning in your everyday pursuits or weekend adventures. The typical rainfall is under a tenth of an inch.

The most recent weather forecasting devices which are available on the market today will definitely make predicting the weather an extremely intriguing activity for you.  The Weather Channel on television really isn’t the only way we can have accessibility to complete weather info, even though it is among the most used.

We are rapidly working on the WeatherEgg to provide you up to the minute forecasting at your fingertips.  Imagine, pulling up an application on your phone and having it give you the recorded weather with visual site distance.  Or being able to look at the LED on the WeatherEgg and see instant weather wherever you are at.

Stay tuned for Weather….in an eggshell.

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