The roll of thunder usually means lightning is not far away. The crackle of the storm brings everyone to attention. So, how can we be safe?

Here are some tips to keep you safe during lightning storms.

When and Where

Outdoor Safety


Checking the Forecast

If you are planning an activity outside, check the local forecast to make sure it will be safe. Have a second option in case the weather does change

Go Inside

There is an old saying, “When you see a flash, dash (inside).” Always remember to play it safe.

In a group, separate

If you find yourself in a group when lightning strikes, everyone should scatter. Separating will help decrease the number injured if a strike does happen.


Lie on the ground

Lying on the ground during a lightning strike is not wise. Currents from the lightning flow along the surface earth for over a 100 ft away.

Stand by tall structures

Structures, trees, everything creates positive charges that attract the negative charges in the thunderclouds. That is what causes the lightning strikes.  Standing near these will create a more significant chance of getting hit.

Stay in open structures

Gazebos, open cars, and areas give you only a roof. Have you ever seen a straight lightning strike? Strikes go everywhere.

Indoor Safety

Although your best bet is to get indoors, there is always a chance of getting struck. There was a story of someone that was in the top bed of a bunk bed inside a building. He got hurt.

Computer plugged in

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You Should

  • Not stand too close to lights or anything with electrical wires.
  • Remove yourself from being in any water. Water is a great conductor.
  • Take a break from anything that is plugged in. If it is wireless, it is ok.
  • Metal is also a great conductor. Do Not lie on concrete or lean against concrete. Inside concrete there is rebar.


Here are some resources to go to for other safety tips.





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