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Wildfires- How They Help the Environment

On average, the United States experiences more than 100,000 wildfires per year. These fires move at approximately 14 miles an hour, and they burn an average of nine million acres of land. The raging flames and thick smoke of a wildfire consume everything in its path. Therefore it should be of no surprise that people Read More

Yellowstone Supervolcano

Yellowstone National Park is known for its iconic geysers and landscape. The park boasts the largest collection of hydrothermal features on Earth. However, this phenomenon is caused by a five-mile-deep caldera, or reservoir, filled with hot magma that lurks beneath the park. The geothermal activity in Yellowstone is so immense that it is classified as Read More

Coral Bleaching- What Causes it and How Do We Solve It?

Among the world’s greatest wonders are the ocean’s reefs. Blooming with vivid colors, thousands of people explore these underwater attractions each year. However, the reefs are being attacked by our dependence on products that emit pollutants and other harmful chemicals. These chemicals have created a hole in the ozone layer and heavily contribute to global Read More


One of the most magnificent spots in all of North America is Yellowstone Park. Every year, millions of people go to Yellowstone to take delight in the freshest air on earth. The free-roaming elk, bison, and other wildlife are enchanting, but it’s the concentrated assortment of geysers that make Yellowstone so distinctive and surreal. Geysers Read More

Midnight Sun- The Sunlight of the Arctic

This past Thursday, I had the opportunity to travel to Alaska. Among the many wonders there, the midnight sun filled me with awe. Contrary to popular belief, the midnight sun is not a high-noon sun. Rather, it is a prolonged sunset that paints the heavens in reds, pinks, and oranges. Northernmost areas, much like Alaska, Read More

Volcanoes- Earth’s Most Iconic Natural Disasters

Of all the natural disasters, the flowing lava of a volcano stands as the most iconic. Every year, millions of people travel to volcanic tourist sites so they can gaze upon one of the most exciting and powerful natural events on Earth. While they offer breathtaking sites, they also are packed with the capacity to Read More