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Weather Map: The Key to Learning How Weather Works

 Why do we need a weather map? What the Eye’s See A weather map is used to show differences in temperature, show what weather anomalies are happening and to help with forecasting.  What if a meteorologist just told you about the weather?  It wouldn’t help with understanding what is happening with the weather.  People need Read More

Best Weather Websites for Authentic Information

The go-to Websites Having detailed information about weather is important due to various reasons. Whether you are planning to have a trip around the town or you are planning to go for a long drive, it is always best to have information about the weather patterns. This will further save you from the issues you can Read More

Floods. A Natural Disaster.

What are Floods? Floods are a lot of water.  Floods occur when a piece of land that is usually dry suddenly gets covered with water.   Water naturally flows from higher ground to low ground.  The low ground will fill up before the high ground.  That is why you see on TV people on their roofs Read More

What Is Drought?

A very bad natural disaster is a drought.  A drought is when there is a lack of precipitation (i.e. rain, snow, hail, sleet) over an extended period of time.  The length of time is usually a season or more with the result being a water shortage for plants, people or animals.