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Fahrenheit or Celsius: Different Ways to Measure Temperature.

Temperature is a numerical representation of the degree of hotness and coldness of a body or a particular entity. It is one of the most measured parameters; different scales developed to this effect over the years. Today, the two most important scales for measuring temperature is the Celsius and the Fahrenheit scales. The Fahrenheit Scale Read More

Rain Smelling Like the Lake Could Be Lake Effect

Lake Effect  Snow and Rain Lake effect Snow is something that is common almost every winter. It receives a lot of attention in the press but what about Lake effect Rain? Is there anything like that? Well, the argument sometimes is that Lake effect Rain isn’t exciting and therefore it receives very little attention. Yet, Read More

What Is the Beaufort Scale? What Is Its History?

Introduction—What is the Beaufort scale? The Beaufort scale refers to a method of estimating wind speed based on the surface condition of a large body of water in relation to wind waves and swell. The advent of the scale enables sailors to measure wind speed simply by observing the surface of the sea. Historical perspective Read More

How to Become a Meteorologist: The Pathway

Understanding the concept of meteorology and meteorologist Meteorology has to do with atmospheric science that studies various factors that affect the environment. It has to do with changes in the physical characteristics that make up the earth. What is a meteorologist?  A meteorologist is someone who studies, observes, reports and forecast weather conditions. As a Read More

Historical ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Hits Eastern U.S.

Arctic Freeze Ahoy! What is a Bomb Cyclone? A bomb cyclone is very rare and a cocktail of three things Meteorologists look for.  First is a warm front of tropical moisture from the Caribbean.  Second, a sub-zero air mass coming from the artic.  Third, cyclone force winds.  We know that a cyclone has strong winds rotating.  Read More