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Science Behind the Color of the Sky

The sky usually is a familiar topic to us, and an aspect that we generally take for granted. However, it is hard to ignore the stunning and sometimes foreboding colors of the sky that occur during a sunset or storm. The sky is constantly changing colors, but what causes the sky to fluctuate between blue, Read More

Volcanic Ash’s Affect on the Weather

After volcanic eruptions, the impact can be felt thousands of miles away from the eruptive foci or center. The weather condition stretching the entire perimeter of such distances and beyond can be profoundly affected too. This relatively long-range impact comes from the materials which are given off or emitted during the eruption. Prominent amongst these Read More

Cloud Seeding: Is It a Garden in the Sky?

Cloud seeding is the process when chemicals like silver iodide, calcium chloride, salts or dry ice are shot into the topmost layers of the clouds. This is in order to cause rain after stimulating the precipitation process. This process is also known as weather modification. The aviation industry has used it to enhance visibility in Read More

Weather Vanes: The Wind Gives Direction

A weather vane is the primitive version of an anemometer. First, a Weather Vane needs to be on the highest spot on the building. That way you can get the most accurate reading. The Vane needs to have a pointer that has a wider end so that the wind can push against it. Beneath the Read More

Red Sprites: A Rare Weather Phenomenom

Rare Weather Phenomenon Red Sprites It is not every day you get to capture footage of some new or unusual weather phenomenon, and Red sprites are just one of them. How many times have you come across a video of jellyfish-shaped streaks in the sky? They are called Red Sprites and are considered to be Read More