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Monitoring the Co2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere

Introduction Climate Change monitoring CO2 in the atmosphere has been linked to climate change. Climate change is one phenomenon that has created much-heated debate among experts and non-specialists. While some argue that the notion has been exaggerated to score some political goals, others like NASA and some of the ruling elites from most of the Read More

Different Types of Clouds and What They Do

What are the different types of clouds?   According to the International Cloud Atlas of the World’s Meteorological Organisation, there are over 100 different types of clouds in existence. However, each one can be divided to become part of ten basic types of clouds, depending on its height and general shape in the sky. Are you Read More

The Atmosphere:  the Earth’s Protector

What is the atmosphere? Looking to the stars The atmosphere has been a curiosity since the beginning of time.  Looking at the clouds and seeing them form to all sorts of shapes and sizes, is a relaxing pass time.  As children and at times as adults, looking at the different shapes as they lay on Read More

The Aurora:  Lighting Up the Sky With Beauty

Aurora: named from the Roman goddess of dawn Northern Lights Aurora Borealis is known as the Northern Lights which happens in the Northern Hemisphere.   Northern lights are caused by a collision of electrically charged particles from the sun as it enters the Earth’s atmosphere.  They light up as they collide with gases like nitrogen and oxygen. Read More